15 Piece Steel Enamelware Set

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There is nothing like holding a steaming tin cup of tea or coffee on a brisk morning to tell you are out in the bush! (Sort of like the Marlboro Man without the ciggies). This set is the genuine enamel coated steel base product that has been around probably over 100 years. The finish is a shiny royal blue with a faint grey fleck.
You get:
 – 4 x large 120ml cup/mugs
 – 4 x generous 250mm dia. dinner plates
 – 4 x cereal bowls 150mm dia.
 – 1 x frypan (skillet) 240mm dia.
 – 1 x “Billy” type pot 195mm dia. X 150mm high with lid
 – 1 x “Classic” 3 litre coffee pot with tea/coffee infuser
Both the coffee pot and the Billy are meant to hang over a campfire – all day and night. And did you notice how BIG each piece is? You could empty a full tin of ‘Beans’ on each dinner plate and still have enough room for eggs, toast and bacon! Yum.
This set will not break, it is meant for long bush usage. It may chip but that does not matter. You can even give it a rough clean with a handful of outback red sand.
You will be delighted with this set. It will be part of creating the outback atmosphere at a price reminiscent of the good old days as well.


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